Adele: Of Love and Heartaches

“I don’t know why I’m scared, I’ve been here before
Every feeling, every word, I’ve imagined it all,
You never know if you never try
To forgive your past and simply be mine

I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
Promise I’m worthy to hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove that I’m the one who can
Walk that mile until the end starts.”

Adele’s songs embody the perennial bittersweet emotions that come with love (and the loss of it) with full honesty and rawness. Anyone have had fallen in and out love has related to Adele’s songs one way or another. I turn to Adele whenever I need to warm a cold, restless heart. Or if I just want to cry my heart out.


Forty Freaking Two: Why I Did It and Why You Can Too

Three months ago, I completed my first ever marathon with a standard distance of 42 kilometers or 26.2 miles — roughly the distance from Fairview to Las Piñas according to Google Maps.

I guess it’s important to note that five years ago, when someone asked me to join a 5k fun run, I answered a big fat NO. Growing up, I was the clumsy kid who had thick glasses and collected wounds and scars on my knees because I was “lampa”.

I am neither athletic nor competitive. I enjoy physical activities but I never take them seriously, simply because it was a lot of hard work and I was very impatient.

So why did I sign up for this seemingly impossible and gruesome feat?

What Independence Taught Me


Today is my ninth month living on my own in an apartment. I’ve been asked about the WHYs and the HOWs but the most interesting question was: “Don’t you ever get lonely? Aren’t you scared?” Yes, it does get scary. It does get lonely. However, it’s overcoming the fear and loneliness that makes independence fulfilling. It’s knowing that you can make things happen (no matter how daunting that is) and you’re going to be just fine. Since I moved out, I’ve been learning a lot and I’ve come to realize there’s more to independence than just overcoming my fears:

Yoga: Of First Times and Beach Trips


I started my yoga practice 3 years ago when a friend recommended I try a de-stressing exercise to help me recover from a shattering break up. I was physically and mentally unfit to do any exercise then but I still managed to put on my game face and just went.

I can never forget my first class. It was hot yoga in a room heated up to 39 degrees (or maybe more). I went in my black leggings (the only pair I had) and a t-shirt on a scorching summer afternoon.

To say that I struggled is an understatement.

What Would Mommy Do

Dear Mommy,

You were the best. Oh scratch that, you are, and still the best. Now that I have found my independence, I appreciate more what you’ve done. I may be living on my own, but nothing compares to living with you. Every time I get into a mishap I always ask myself ‘what would mommy do?’

Capricorn in Ilocos

Capricorn: The Mountain Sea Goat
Duration: December 20- January 19
Sign Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth

Being born just a few days after New Year’s Day, I started the year by crossing one item off the bucket list. I spent my birthday in Ilocos all by my lonesome.  I’ve been craving bagnet (deep fried crispy pork belly) for sometime and the need to savor my new found independence pushed me to pack my bags and hop on a night trip bound for the north.

Here’s a photo barrage…

Evil Queen

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Among all Disney’s fairy tales, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is probably the story that stuck with me the most. I remember my mother reading this to me every night when I was about 5.  The Evil Queen’s line stuck like a last song syndrome. It’s the sole sentence in the Disney universe I know by heart, which, up to this day, I still speak in front of the mirror.

Photo by Jona Atienza


You poor unfortunate soul,
Go ahead!
Make your choice!”


Ursula the Sea Witch teaches us the value of contentment and accountability with your choices. Ariel wasn’t contented of what she had; in fact, she had everything already! But no, she said “I want more”. So she went on and made the choice to sacrifice her voice, her family, her life under the sea and be with the man she think she loves. The End.

Photo taken by Jona Atienza

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

“When you play the game of thrones you win, or you die.”

“Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy.”

Ahh, another character we love to hate. She may be an awful bitch queen but she’s a feisty mother. Said to be the most beautiful girl in Westeros in her early days, Cersei is a mother who will not go down without a fight.

I can never picture anyone playing the role of Cersei more than Lena Headey. Tried my best to show that signature smirk of hers but I’ve failed.

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