I started my yoga practice 3 years ago when a friend recommended I try a de-stressing exercise to help me recover from a shattering break up. I was physically and mentally unfit to do any exercise then but I still managed to put on my game face and just went.

I can never forget my first class. It was hot yoga in a room heated up to 39 degrees (or maybe more). I went in my black leggings (the only pair I had) and a t-shirt on a scorching summer afternoon.

To say that I struggled is an understatement.

Ten minutes into the practice, I thought I was going to pass out and we were just on a standing forward bend. My arms were wobbly, my core was non-existent, and I felt my hamstrings tearing apart. I looked down on the mat and drops of sweat started to slide down my nose to my quivering lips. I got a taste of my sweat. I started to question why I was there when I can just be at home, in my bed, hugging my pillow instead of hugging my knees to my chest. How can this be a de-stressing exercise?!

The answer to that would come 75 minutes later while I was lying down in a complete and tender surrender, savoring my sweet savasana.  I’ve been hooked ever since. Up to now, I  cannot exactly pinpoint what made me love yoga. I just know that it makes me feel better about myself and the world around me in many ways. I became more patient and understanding that good things take time. I learned to not dwell on things that I can no longer control and just let life take its course.

And yes, it helped me move on and heal from that break up. 😉

If you’d like to dip your toes into yoga and get a dose of sun and sea (summer’s not yet over!),  you might like to try a beach yoga trip courtesy of the awesome sirens of Sereia.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to their first trip last April in Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales. It’s a perfect way to de-stress and just enjoy the weekend. For one, they provided both transportation and lodging. Plus, it was quite refreshing to take my practice outside the studio while listening to the crashing waves of the sea.

Hello Sun, warm me with your light. #sereiaph #beachyoga #awezambales

A post shared by Mikaela Amador (@mikaelaamador) on

A post shared by Mikaela Amador (@mikaelaamador) on

Join them for upcoming trips on May 21-22 and 28-29 for some sun, sea and savasana by visiting their  Facebook Page.