Dear Mommy,

You were the best. Oh scratch that, you are, and still the best. Now that I have found my independence, I appreciate more what you’ve done. I may be living on my own, but nothing compares to living with you. Every time I get into a mishap I always ask myself ‘what would mommy do?’ Because truth is, you always have the answer. You always know what to do. You know how to fix things. You can do anything. You are my hero. You are all the Avengers combined.

You cooked the best sinigang.
You drove like a maniac when I was running late.
You pushed our car to the nearest gas station when it broke down.
You made my and Kuya’s home economics projects when we were so not into it.
You bought my first heavy metal CD.
You taught me how to use the Internet.
You told me ‘it’s going to be fine’ when I  had my first heartbreak.
You taught me to be nice to our kasambahays

You did all these and more. But most of all, you inspired me to be a better person.

A decade without you has taught me a lot. I may always ask the universe ‘what would mommy do?’ every day, but I know I can get through anything because you taught me well.

Wherever you may be, I hope you are proud of this once very clingy daughter who’s trying to make it on her own, and know that you are ALWAYS in my heart. Happy Mother’s Day.