What Independence Taught Me

  Today is my ninth month living on my own in an apartment. I’ve been asked about the WHYs and the HOWs but the most interesting question was: “Don’t you ever get lonely? Aren’t you scared?” Yes, it does get scary. It does get lonely. However, it’s overcoming the fear and loneliness that makes independence fulfilling. It’s knowing […]

What Would Mommy Do

Dear Mommy, You were the best. Oh scratch that, you are, and still the best. Now that I have found my independence, I appreciate more what you’ve done. I may be living on my own, but nothing compares to living with you. Every time I get into a mishap I always ask myself ‘what would […]

Capricorn in Ilocos

Capricorn: The Mountain Sea Goat Duration: December 20- January 19 Sign Ruler: Saturn Element: Earth Being born just a few days after New Year’s Day, I started the year by crossing one item off the bucket list. I spent my birthday in Ilocos all by my lonesome.  I’ve been craving bagnet (deep fried crispy pork belly) […]

Evil Queen

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Among all Disney’s fairy tales, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is probably the story that stuck with me the most. I remember my mother reading this to me every night when I was about 5.  The Evil Queen’s line stuck like a last […]


You poor unfortunate soul, Go ahead! Make your choice!”   Ursula the Sea Witch teaches us the value of contentment and accountability with your choices. Ariel wasn’t contented of what she had; in fact, she had everything already! But no, she said “I want more”. So she went on and made the choice to sacrifice […]